Choosing Your Best of Vodka

It depends on a combination of personal preference, intended use, and understanding some key factors that differentiate vodkas.

Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Taste and Smoothness:
– Neutral vs. Character: Some vodkas are designed to be as neutral as possible, while others have distinctive flavours. Decide if you prefer a clean, smooth vodka or one with more character.
– Smoothness: Higher-quality vodkas tend to be smoother with less burn. This is often achieved through multiple distillations and careful filtration.

2. Ingredients:
– Base Ingredients: Vodka can be made from grains (wheat, rye, barley), potatoes, corn, or even fruits. Each base ingredient imparts a different subtle flavour profile. For example, potato vodkas often have a creamier texture, while wheat vodkas are smoother.

3. Distillation and Filtration:
– Distillation: More distillations can mean a purer product but not always better. Some brands boast numerous distillations, but the quality of the distillation process is more important than the number.
– Filtration: Vodkas are often filtered through charcoal, quartz, or other materials to remove impurities. The method and number of filtrations can affect smoothness.

4. Brand and Price:
– Reputation: Established brands with good reputations are often a safer bet, but many smaller, craft distilleries produce excellent vodkas.
– Price: While price can indicate quality, it’s not always the case. There are excellent vodkas at mid-range prices, and some high-end vodkas may not be worth the extra cost for everyone.

5. Intended Use:
– Cocktails vs. Neat**: If you plan to mix the vodka into cocktails, you might prioritize a clean, neutral flavour that blends well. For sipping neat or on the rocks, you might prefer a vodka with more character.

6. Personal Preference:
– Tasting: The best way to determine your favourite vodka is through tasting. Attend vodka tastings or try small bottles of different brands to see which you prefer.

7. Reviews and Awards:
– Critic Reviews: Look for reviews from trusted sources or vodka enthusiasts.
– Awards: Vodkas that have won awards at spirits competitions often indicate quality, but personal taste is still paramount.

By considering these factors, you can find a vodka that suits your taste and needs.

Enjoy 🥂

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Health Plus Fun
3 months ago
I don't usually drink Vodka but I could say CHACHA is one of a kind. Very smooth, distilled to perfection and it's elegance makes a complete package for a classy party hosting.
Jusentta Whiteley
3 months ago
This premium vodka is absolutely delightful. It's smooth and refreshing. I am very impressed and thrilled to have the opportunity to taste such refined vodka.
Orion Eveleigh
2 months ago
I'm a martini woman and CHACHA is the best I've tried such smooth sweet nectar of the gods!! This is most delicious clean and pure taste. Highly recommend.
Richey Garibay
2 months ago
Surprised that this would be a very good Vodka coming out of the Maple Leaf Country but a very great smooth tasting Vodka. Keep up the good work CHACHA!
Michael Powell
2 months ago
CHACHA is an excellent choice for a clean and purely filtered vodka that can be enjoyed straight up or mixed in a cocktail. Definitely one of the best out there!
Rachel B
2 months ago
This is one of my new favourite vodka’s ! Finest blend and Canadian brand, love to show my support to upcoming Canadian brands. Must try! You won’t be disappointed.

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