There’s some very HOT trends going around these days, and NO it’s not your girlfriend.

The vodka industry is beginning to change, where consumers are evolving and choosing more premium vodka brands rather than focusing on their budget.

#1 – Craft and Small-Batch Vodkas —> Similar to the overall craft spirits trend, there has been a growing interest in craft and small-batch vodkas. Consumers are seeking unique and artisanal vodkas made with high-quality ingredients and distinct production methods.

#2 – Flavour Innovations —> Flavoured vodkas continue to be popular, with companies introducing new and creative flavors to attract consumers. Beyond traditional fruit flavors, there has been an exploration of unique and unconventional flavors like spice-infused vodkas or botanical-inspired varieties.

#3 – Organic and Natural Vodkas —> With the increasing focus on health and wellness, there is a demand for organic and natural vodkas made with organic grains and free from artificial additives or preservatives. Consumers are seeking vodkas that align with their preferences for clean and conscious drinking.

#4 – Locally Sourced Ingredients —> Vodka companies are emphasizing the use of locally sourced ingredients, promoting sustainability and supporting local farmers and producers. This trend appeals to consumers who value transparency and locality in their products.

#5 – Mixology and Craft Cocktails —> Vodka remains a key ingredient in many popular cocktails, and companies are catering to mixology enthusiasts by offering vodkas specifically designed for crafting cocktails. These vodkas may have unique flavor profiles, higher proofs, or specific characteristics that enhance their performance in mixed drinks.

#6 – Premium and Ultra-Premium Vodkas —> Premium and ultra-premium vodkas continue to hold a strong position in the market, with consumers willing to pay a premium for vodkas that are exceptionally smooth, distilled multiple times, or filtered through specialized methods.

#7 – Virtual and Distillery Experiences —> Vodka companies have embraced virtual experiences and digital marketing to engage consumers. They offer virtual tours, tastings, and educational sessions, allowing consumers to connect with the brand and its story from the comfort of their own homes.

Let’s work together, where YOU & CHACHA….

WE, are the trend setters ?

CHACHA to you and your family.

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Health Plus Fun
3 months ago
I don't usually drink Vodka but I could say CHACHA is one of a kind. Very smooth, distilled to perfection and it's elegance makes a complete package for a classy party hosting.
Jusentta Whiteley
3 months ago
This premium vodka is absolutely delightful. It's smooth and refreshing. I am very impressed and thrilled to have the opportunity to taste such refined vodka.
Orion Eveleigh
2 months ago
I'm a martini woman and CHACHA is the best I've tried such smooth sweet nectar of the gods!! This is most delicious clean and pure taste. Highly recommend.
Richey Garibay
2 months ago
Surprised that this would be a very good Vodka coming out of the Maple Leaf Country but a very great smooth tasting Vodka. Keep up the good work CHACHA!
Michael Powell
2 months ago
CHACHA is an excellent choice for a clean and purely filtered vodka that can be enjoyed straight up or mixed in a cocktail. Definitely one of the best out there!
Rachel B
2 months ago
This is one of my new favourite vodka’s ! Finest blend and Canadian brand, love to show my support to upcoming Canadian brands. Must try! You won’t be disappointed.

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